Tandridge District Council – Press Release 7 Feb 17


Tandridge District Council Press Release 7.2.17

The Local Plan process – setting the record straight

In response to statements in the media and on social media about how Tandridge District Council has managed the Local Plan Process, the Council would like to set the record straight.

Throughout the Local Plan process, as well as relying on the advice of its own professional officers, the Council has drawn on the expertise of a number of experts. In relation to the Objectively Assessed Need for housing, this includes one of the national leaders in this area of work. There is no need for this detailed work to be repeated.

An independent review of the Local Plan process has recently been completed by the Planning Officers Society. The purpose of this work was to review the Council’s overall approach and direction of travel. The Council wants to deliver a robust local plan, which will protect the Green Belt in the long term and will do all in its power to ensure it does this.

The Council does not agree with the Oxted and Limpsfield Residents Group (OLRG) that documents it has produced so far are flawed and the OLRG’s own QC’s report dated 23 June 2015 states: “There is much of the draft Methodology which is perfectly sensible and with which I agree”.

Although in the first conclusion point the QC says: “While the majority of the draft Green Belt Assessment Methodology makes good sense, there are aspects of it which could and in my view, should be improved”, his comments have been taken into account and were considered by the Planning Policy Committee many months ago.

There is no basis for OLRG’s continuing assertion the Council’s approach is flawed, as is clear from the Independent POS report.

Leader of the Council, Councillor Martin Fisher, said: “Creating a new Local Plan is a long and complex process. Our overriding aim is to develop a plan which is sustainable and protects the Green Belt, but also balances the needs of existing residents, businesses and future generations. We have a highly skilled team working on the Plan and we also seek external advice and validation where necessary, to ensure the final version will support an environment where people want to live, work and visit.”

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