Tandridge District Council – Press Release 26 Oct 16


Tandridge District Council Press Release 23.10.16

Resources Committee discusses Council’s assets

Last night the Council’s Resources Committee, on behalf of the Council in its capacity as landowner, considered which council owned assets should be included in the Local Plan process for consideration as part of the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA).

To meet the Council’s key objectives of providing much needed affordable housing for local people, regenerating its towns and villages and supporting its long term financial strategy the Resources Committee considered which council owned sites could be put forward for possible redevelopment.

A small number of sites considered by the Committee have the potential to support the redevelopment and regeneration of our town centres, as well as make a significant contribution to the Council’s income. The inclusion in the local plan process does not mean that the sites included will be developed. The Council will consult widely regarding any proposals before a final decision is made.

The sites will be included in the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) which forms part of the Local Plan. Some work has already been carried out to consider the development potential of the following sites:

  • The Council’s depot at Warren Lane, which needs modernisation.
  • Godstone Road Car Park in Whyteleafe, already been identified for new council homes.
  • Ellice Road, Oxted car park, but this will need to be considered as part of a district wide parking review that is taking place and in light of other proposals to improve Oxted Town Centre.
  • Boulthurst Way, Hurst Green.
  • Barnfield Way, Hurst Green, also identified for new council homes.

Councillors only agreed to include the Boulthurst Way (Hurst Green) Open Space in the HEELA consultation on the condition that any future proposals would take place on only part of the land and include retention of both the playground and a significant amount of open space. It was also agreed not to include the area known locally as the Bellway Strip (Caterham-on-the-Hill), or Tillingdown Copse, Caterham in the consultation.

No sites have been included which are designated as a King George V or Queen Elizabeth II field. These are protected from development.

Louise Round, Chief Executive, said: “The Committee’s decision to include land in the Local Plan consultation does not represent a decision to build on any particular site. Whatever decisions are made about our assets we will work hard to ensure any development brings additional benefits to the community, including more affordable housing for local people. We appreciate residents feel strongly about some of the sites.

“When we do have more detail about the future of our sites, we will consult widely before making any decision. As part of the Local Plan process and to reduce the pressure to build on Green Belt, we need to consider whether any Council land should be made available to for new housing. In addition, reduced government funding means we need to review our services and how they are currently delivered, as well as be innovative in finding new ways to reduce costs and generate income. Our overall aim is to continue providing services to a high standard and to always be available to support our more vulnerable residents.

Note to editors:

  1. Following their work on the Council’s budgets, in September 2016 the Council’s auditors, KPMG, made the following statement: “We have concluded that the Authority has made proper arrangements to ensure it took properly informed decisions and deployed resources to achieve planned and sustainable outcomes for taxpayers and local people and is well positioned to meet the tough financial environment expected in the medium term.”



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