Tandridge District Council – Press Release 17 October 2018

Tandridge District Council Press Release 17.10.18

Leader to speak at Surrey planning meeting to protect residents from additional lorry movements at Oxted Quarry

The Leader of Tandridge District Council will speak at today’s Surrey County Council’s Planning and Regulatory Committee, at it considers approving new conditions which would allow a maximum daily cap of 156 daily traffic movements by heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). Councillor Martin Fisher, will speak at the meeting as the quarry falls within his ward (Oxted North & Tandridge) and strongly contest this level of traffic movement and associated activity is unacceptable and dangerous for residents living in the area.

Surrey County Council will also consider imposing a condition that HGVs should not travel in convoy and should not access the site between 8am to 9am and 3pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday, to avoid school traffic. The owners of the quarry should also monitor the condition of the road and carry out maintenance as required.

Councillor Fisher has been speaking out about this issue since 2007. Concerns increased in 2016 when the Environment Agency doubled the amount of infilling allowed at the site to 200,000 tons without consultation. Following many discussions with local residents he will highlight a number of concerns.

  • The narrow access to the quarry from Chalkpit Lane.
  • The lack of footway on some sections which means pedestrians have to walk in the road.
  • The narrow road and lack of passing points means two HGVs cannot pass each other.
  • Cyclists and children walking to schools are at risk because of the volume and size of vehicles.

In his speech Councillor Fisher will state: “When an average 154 daily trips were last recorded, very similar to the cap proposed today, the impact on local amenity was compromised to a serious degree and our residents were rightly very angry.”


“There was an adverse effect on their wellbeing, grass verges were destroyed, there were bottlenecks as lorries struggled to pass and I was getting regular reports of driver intimidation. Walking buses to schools were abandoned and there was an adverse impact on road safety due to the inadequacy of the roads.”

“I am of the view the limit should be set at a daily cap of 112 movements rather than the 156 movements proposed. I support the proposal of stopping HGVs during the school run and no left turn out of the site.”

Tandridge District Council has also sent a formal response to the application which sets out the clear risks to the safety and wellbeing of residents living close to the site and proposes a daily cap of 112 daily traffic movements. Sam Gyimah, MP for East Surrey, has also written a letter in support of this.

Councillor Martin Fisher, Leader of Tandridge District Council, said: “This is an issue I have been championing since 2007. I have had numerous discussions with Surrey County Council and the Environment Agency to convince them these new planning conditions, if approved, would present an unacceptable level of risk and disturbance to the residents living nearby. I have set out my arguments in the strongest terms and will continue to fight for the right outcome.”

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