Local Plan Strategy – Foreword


I am delighted to introduce our preferred strategy for the Council’s Local Plan, which sets out in detail how we intend to deliver our vision for the district up to 2033. Tandridge is characterised by its openness, with Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the highest proportion of Green Belt land in the country.

We want it to keep this character, while at the same time being a place where people from all walks of life have access to homes, jobs, education, leisure and health facilities and where the transport infrastructure meets the needs of the modern world. Balancing these competing needs is not easy. We have worked hard to set out a strategy which will provide homes for people and the services to go with them, while protecting the distinctive nature of the area. We believe a combination of a new garden village and some limited development of our urban and semi-rural areas is the right way forward, even though this could mean releasing a small amount (around 1%) of Green Belt land where there are exceptional circumstances to justify this.

This strategy does not set out in detail exactly where new development will take place, but provides the guiding principles by which those decisions will be taken in consultation with the people of Tandridge.

Councillor Martin Fisher

Leader of Tandridge District Council


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