Guildford Borough Council

Paul Spooner Leader Guildford

Conservative led Surrey council with 89% Green Belt has recently completed its final Local Plan consultation and is awaiting Inspection.

The plan submitted to the Government Inspectorate in December 2017 provides for 654 houses per annum and included the loss of about 1.5% of its Green Belt. It has adopted a brownfield sites approach first but to meet its housing need the plan includes five strategic sites on previously undeveloped land. Two are urban extensions on the edge of Guildford providing 3,200 units and a new settlement of 2,000 units at Wisley.

Infrastructure improvements required as part of the plan include two new railway stations, a new intersection on A3 plus a solution to the A3 around Guildford.

A planning appeal for a replacement secondary school and 258 residential dwellings in the Green belt was just recently allowed by the Secretary of State.

The Government Inspector, before even starting the examination, has said he is very concerned that the plan makes no allowance for meeting unmet housing need and that he sees no evidence the plan can reasonably be expected to improve housing affordability.

Paul Spooner the Leader of Surrey has rebutted the Inspectors criticism as unrealistic and did not consider it reasonable or consistent with achieving sustainable development to require Guildford to release further Green Belt sites.

Watch this space!

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